In the year 2012, TwiistsGaming started modding for Minecraft, mostly for him to learn how to program in Java but also the cool idea of adding his own items, blocks and machines to the game.

 The first mod he made was PattysMoreTools which added in the five default tools, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe and Swords for a various range of resources that are currently already in the game. Later on in the development of PattysMoreTools he added in a multitool also known as the Paxel which allows players to use one tool and have all the benifits of five tools into one item then he continued to add new featurs as the years went on currently PattysMoreTools has the basic five items for current minecraft materials but it also has paxels, hammers, lumber axes, battle axes and excavators.

Since the creation of PattysMoreTools TwiistsGaming has made PattysMoreArmor to match the tools, PattysMoreStuff which adds random blocks and items then took the blocks from PattysMoreStuff and made PattysMoreBlocks. He has also made a Tea And Biscuits mod and a SmoothStoneBlocks mod. All TwiistsGamings mods can be found on the project page of this website or the curseforge website.


Name Status Description
TwiistsGaming Active Founder and lead developer